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About Totaltel Ltd.

Totaltel is a well-known participant of the Hungarian microwave transmission market. It was founded in 1991 as a private enterprise by experts of the Research Institute for Telecommunications. The company has steadily evolved offering the following products and services:
  • development, production and delivery of microwave radio and related equipment
  • turnkey realization of custom microwave radio systems, complete with licensing and installation
  • complete in-house radio system evaluation, repair and bench-testing
  • full time maintenance and repair service
  • real-time technical support.
The development and production of equipment is carried out by highly qualified personnel with access to high level development and measurement systems. Microwave radio equipment produced by Totaltel Ltd. are applied in public, private and government networks for decades.

Totaltel Ltd. installed complete microwave telecommunications systems. It means the accomplishment of turn-key projects involving system and network planning, infrastructure implementation, equipment installation and commissioning and the provision of maintenance service as well.

To fulfil the above tasks Totaltel is co-operating with several Hungarian companies forming a well organized team.

Totaltel Ltd. is an    MSz EN ISO 9001:2015    and    NATO AQAP 2010:2016    certified company.

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